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If you’re still looking into what ArmadaCare is all about, attending a webinar is a great way to get answers to your questions. We know you’re busy, so we always aim to keep our webinars to 30 minutes or less.

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When you think about supplemental coverage options to layer onto primary health plans, you probably think of health consumer accounts (HRAs, HSAs and FSAs) and worksite voluntary coverage, like critical care insurance. But you can tackle them all with powerful solutions that pick up where primary health insurance plans leave off. Say hello to Ultimate Health. In this live online session, our product experts will share how the right plans can be the ultimate problem-solver. Even for employers with 1/1 primary plan renewals, it’s not too late to look at this solution!

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Small businesses don’t have buying power when it comes to primary health plans…and they could be facing steep renewals this year. What choices do business owners have: Cut down on primary plan benefits, increase deductibles? Deal with the difficulty retaining or recruiting talent with unimpressive health benefits? Your clients aren’t going to be happy about any of those. But you can address the pinch by putting ArmadaCare’s employer-paid supplemental insurance in place. Join us for this live online event so we can give you the tools to unlock the power of benefit flexibility! Don’t let another broker introduce these powerful solutions to your clients before you do.

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Ready to make this primary plan renewal season a success? Want to cut out the noise when it comes to primary plan coverage changes? Worried about retaining clients if decision makers aren’t happy with their new primary plan coverage levels? We get it…and we got you covered! Tune in to this live online webinar to learn about a unique supplemental insurance plan that not only picks up where primary health plans leave off (co-pays, co-insurance & deductibles, PT, Rx)…but goes far beyond with coverage for: elective executive physicals, mental health, prescribed massage therapy, chiropractic care and much more. Minimum enrollment is 3 lives and no need to synch with the primary plan start date. There are a lot of hidden gems we can let you in on at this session.

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*The above referenced supplemental health insurance policies have exclusions, limitations, and benefits that vary by plan and state. To obtain a quote or for more details on coverage, contact ArmadaCare.
** This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and each company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.

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