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The world of executive compensation is facing more challenges than ever before. Companies need innovative solutions that can deliver far reaching value.

Protect Your Business: You want the right healthcare solutions for your business and your key leaders. Put in place a tax-efficient* benefit that offers a win for the company in terms of cost and a win for the employee in terms of value with up to $100,000 of annual coverage.

Protect from Competition: You want to retain your top talent and recruit the best. Ultimate Health packs a compensation power punch with extensive reimbursement coverage and excellent health services for your key leaders of today and tomorrow.

Protect from Travel and Health Risks: You want to keep key performers healthy and safe at home or abroad. We can help with our Executive Physical program, TopDoc Connect specialist matching service, and Take Me Home travel and medical emergency services.

*This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.

Ultimate Health Quick Facts

Supplemental coverage to add onto any primary plan with in-network, out-of-network and Rx coverage; dental and vision primary coverage not required.

Available for any size and type of company that can enroll at least 3 employees.

Dynamic pricing based on the characteristics of the primary plan and census demographics.

Guaranteed issue with no medical underwriting, waiting periods or pre-existing condition limitations.

Flexible timing at the start of any month; no need to sync with the primary plan.

A total compensation booster that won’t break the bank.

Would you invest $10,000 to retain and attract talent using payroll or a bonus, that will cost the company more than $11,000 to give $6,000 (or less) net to the employee? With Ultimate Health, there are no payroll taxes, and the overall impact for the employee is dramatically higher with up to $100,000 overall coverage to meet the specific healthcare needs of each family.

  How Paid Cost to Company
(including payroll & other taxes)
Take-Home Value
$10,000 Traditional Compensation $11,4001 $6,000
$10,000 Ultimate Health $13,500 Up to $100,000 of coverage

1 Compounded tax rate of 40% is for illustrative purposes only. Employer state and federal payroll taxes and other payroll costs are estimated and may vary depending upon the company and state. Actual premiums will be determined based on standard underwriting guidelines and characteristics of the group.

Get a compensation solution more powerful than offering additional pay or a bonus. Add layers of protection.